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According to European and Italian AML regulations, banks and financial institutions are required to fulfill Due Diligence requirements on its counterparts. With the aim of simplifying the fulfillment of these obligations, BPER Banca publishes the following documents:

“Patriot Act” Statement, required by the US legislation (1)

Wolfsberg AML Questionnaire (2)


Excerpt from the BPER Group AML/CFT Policy (2)


(1) The statement regarding the “Patriot Act” legislation provides the information that non-US banks and financial institutions have to provide whenever they maintain accounts with US banks and Financial Institutions.
(2) With the “Wolfsberg AML Questionnaire” and the excerpt from its AML Policy, BPER Banca provides all relevant information about its organizational structure and the procedures implemented in order to prevent the misuse of the financial system for money laundering or financing of terrorism purposes.