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Banca Popolare del Mezzogiorno


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Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria, Sicilia

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History of Banca Popolare del Mezzogiorno


Banca Popolare del Mezzogiorno was established in November 2008 through the merger of two traditional Southern Italian banks: Banca Popolare del Materano and Banca Popolare di Crotone, both members of the BPER Group.

The goal of the merger was to create a leading player to support the economy of Southern Italy, combining the services of a large banking group with the deep roots typical of a local bank, in line with the strategy that has always characterised the BPER Group.

Banca Popolare del Materano

The origins of Banca Popolare del Materano lie in Banca Mutua Popolare di Matera, a bank with a long history, dating back to 24 April 1881. In 1960, Banca Mutua Popolare di Matera merged with Banca Cooperativa Popolare Ferrandinese and Banca Popolare Cooperativa di Montescaglioso. Thus, Banca Popolare del Materano was created. In 1995 Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna acquired a majority shareholding in Banca Popolare del Materano (changing its company legal form to joint stock company (S.P.A).), which thus joined the BPER Group.

Banca Popolare di Crotone

The roots of Banca Popolare di Crotone are deep within the social and economic history of Calabria, where it has been located for more than a century.
The Bank was established in 1886 by a group of citizens who intended to promote mutual assistance and favour the development of small businesses and industries in the town of Crotone and the surrounding area. Since then, it has developed while maintaining its original purpose of cooperative lending, starting a process of growth, evolution through large, non-linear changes, always following a path of positive continuity.
Following the years after the Second World War, which were considerably difficult for Italy, the Bank managed to launch its expansion phase which laid the foundations for its current size on a scale that covers several provinces.
In 1996. the Bank changed its corporate style from limited liability cooperative to joint stock company, at the time it joined the Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna Banking Group.


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