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Financial Highlights


BPER Banca Group's  results as at 09.30.2016




Updated as at



Description thousands of Euro
Net interest income 876,104
Net commission income 532,921
Operating income 1,553,998
Operating costs 939,860
Net operating income 614,138
Profit (loss) for the period 104,649
Profit (loss) for the period pertaining the Parent Company 101,160
ROE (shareholders' equity/net profit) 2.77%
ROTE 3.10%
Cost to income ratio (*) 60.48%
CET 1 Ratio Phased in 14.47%
CET 1 Ratio Fully Phased 14.13%

(*) The Cost to income ratio has been calculated on the basis of the layout of the reclassified income statement (operating expenses / operating income);





This section contains the summary of the main balance sheet figures of the BPER Group.




Main balance sheet aggregates as at 09.30.2016