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IR Memo





What is it?


A new, simple, fast and agile communication tool, which we would like to use to reach all of those who are interested in important news items about BPER Banca.


What will you find in it?


Gathered in just a few pages you will find the most important information on key topics that are affecting BPER Banca, presented in a logical way:

•governance structure,

•operating results,

•corporate events,

•structure of the Banking Group,

•coverage by financial analysts who follow the BPER Banca Group

•other key issues.

The Investor Relations Memo contains brief descriptions for quick reference, with specific cross-references to the appropriate sections of the Bank's and the Group's corporate websites, giving everyone the chance to go more deeply into the topics of their choice.


Document name Size
IR Memo N.1/18 March 2018 (407 KB)
IR Memo N.4/17 December 2017 (480 KB)
IR MEMO N.3/17 July 2017 (476 KB)
IR MEMO N.2/17 March 2017 (394 KB)
IR MEMO N.1/17 February 2017 (371 KB)
IR MEMO N.1/16 December 2016 (442 KB)