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The BPER Group’s Business Plan defines the strategies to be followed and sets the objectives to be pursued



  • To be the federal system of Banks which best meets the needs and plans of households and small/medium-sized enterprises
  • To be a point of reference in terms of soundness and customer service, striving to contribute to the economic development of the areas covered, with a concrete focus on social needs in line with the spirit of co-operative credit.




  • To be a federal Group open to aggregations with other local Banks whose models match ours, with specific reference to highly attractive areas which are currently not covered
  • To increase market shares in the geographical areas where the Group is located
  • To ensure profitability of the Group that is adequate and sustainable, also through suitable levels of commercial productivity and operating efficiency. Grow at a balanced pace, preserving equity soundness

Main Business Plan Measures


Income synergies

  • Turnaround of underperforming branches
  • Introduction of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools
  • Strengthening coverage of local areas
  • Risk-Based Pricing
  • Development of Financial Advisory services for businesses through the Corporate Banks of the “Meliorbanca” Group


Cost synergies

  • Optimization of administrative costs
  • Increased efficiency of personnel costs
  • Rationalization of branch processes



  • Improved  efficiency for doubtful loans management
  • Improved IT tools in the process of Branch/Loans Centre coverage
  • Optimized value for customers